Bringing a fresh perspective to user stories

Key Deliverables

  • Improved UX
  • Portal design
  • Communication strategy


The design of a new client portal on the Salesforce Community Cloud platform. Although Natixis had internal design capabilities, they partnered with WM for our deep industry understanding and fresh perspective with regards to the creation of user stories and the associated journeys, as well as the UX and UI design we could provide for the portal.


We worked alongside Alpha FMC in the creation and design of a new client-centric portal experience. The project was broken up into two distinct phases. The first focused on defining the Information Architecture (IA), user journeys and design approach for all the fundamental pages. For the secondly phase of the project we designed pages for online orders made by wholesale and institutional buyers.


The portal was designed with a user-friendly interface that would provide Natixis clients with data on their investments, including performance metrics, asset allocation and a transaction history. It also provided the ability to search for and compare different funds, and conduct transactions in real time.


A new, beautifully designed and intuitive client portal with excellent UX and UI. The new portal provided Natixis clients with real-time data on their investments, offering the end user more control, which successfully met the client's expectations and demands.

Case studies

Beacon – GAM Investments

Strategy & Research


JP Morgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust

Strategy & Research


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