GAM Investments

Making Informed Decisions With Beacon Benchmarking Tool

Key benefits for GAM

  • Measuring website performance
  • Thought leadership benchmarking
  • Understanding most popular content themes

Key benefits of Beacon for GAM

Our UK member, GAM Investments, uses Beacon to measure the effectiveness of their marketing. From a digital marketing perspective, they use it to measure website performance and make decisions on thought leadership content.​ ​

Why they chose Beacon

GAM Investments values the ability to benchmark against peers and the peer network. With Beacon, they showcase​ their production and success back to their board members.​

What decisions they make with Beacon

GAM Investments uses Beacon to understand what type of content peers are producing and how well their thought leadership is performing against similar firms. With that knowledge, they are able to understand what their clients are interested in and produce content accordingly.​

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"With interactions with out clients being benchmarked we can now put it in our assessment of value report for our UK clients. We can show how much people have engaged with our thought leadership, and how much value they've gained out of it [...] invaluable for us as an organisation to get closer to our clients. We couldn't do this without Beacon..."

Colin Bennett

Global Head of Marketing and Client Experience

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