Improving UX through website consolidation and developing an education portal

Key Deliverables

  • Website design
  • Cohesive brand application
  • Education portal development


The client had 25 different websites that they needed consolidating into one logical user experience that related to each area of their business. They wanted to simplify and unify their brand identity, using existing logo and assets, but to clean up the look. They needed us to create an educational portal for financial advisors, integrating on-demand MoneyAlive videos.


We conducted a content audit of all 25 websites, creating a strategy of which URLs should be kept, combined or deleted to retain all necessary information in the most streamlined UX possible. This involved creating one core website in which the majority of content was included.


We refreshed their visual identity by designing new wireframes and designs for their websites - pulling together their existing brand guidelines with a more modern, streamlined approach. We developed an education portal with a single-token login feature & integrated MoneyAlive videos - providing on demand and trackable education for advisors. Redesigned their Find Your Advisor site, complete wit.


25 URLs were condensed into 5, and we created a brand new interactive, education portal. We took an incredibly complex and inefficient web presence and produced a simplified and streamlined website suite - that was easier to manage for internal stakeholders and presented a more modern and professional external front. This included a fully interactive portal with the capacity to scale.

Full website design project completion including: 

Case studies


Activation & optimisation


Fortem Capital

Activation & optimisation


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