Enhancing the UX and UI of our client's website 

Key Deliverables

  • New website design
  • Improved UX
  • Refreshed visual identity
  • 6 week turnaround


An agile website design project to revamp their current visual identity as well as optimise and improve their website's UX and UI.

An agile approach

We worked with the client via a more streamlined approach to our process. To provide flexibility in accordance with their budget requirements, we saved time through bypassing wide stakeholder meetings and website wireframes. Instead, the high-level foundation for each web page was provided by the client as a starting point.

The design process

We then built upon these to develop three pilot designs, which established a refreshed, sleek and powerful visual identity. Once a design direction was agreed, we then created a full suite of desktop designs that enabled the client to draft new content for in-house. Mobile-optimised designs and interactivity maps were then generated and swiftly signed off.​


A revamped, sleek and striking website with improved UX and UI, paired with a new imagery catalogue which is cohesive and better communicates the client's brand and origins. ​ We also produced best practice guidance concerning website affirmations, client experience and content.

Completed a full website design project in 6 weeks, including: 

Case studies

White Marble Culture case study

Corporate positioning


White Marble Brand research

Strategy & Research


Square Mile Research

Activation & optimisation


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