Artemis Fund Managers

Making Informed Decisions With Beacon Benchmarking

Key Benefits for Artemis

  • Calculate ROI of digital marketing
  • Correlate campaigns with fund flows
  • Inform collaboration with sales team
  • Quarterly Beacon Connect meetings

Key benefits of Beacon for Artemis

Our UK member, Artemis Funds, appreciates the ability to benchmark digital marketing metrics against their peers. Along with the data, they enjoy the quarterly Beacon Connect meetings where they can connect with other marketers in the industry and stay up to date on latest trends and technology.

Why they chose Beacon

While calculating ROI in the investment management industry can be challenging, Artemis agrees that Beacon provides clarity on how their digital marketing activity correlates with fund flows.​ ​

What decisions they made with Beacon

Artemis uses Beacon to benchmark against their peers. This allows them to make better marketing decisions and get a better idea of how their marketing correlates with fund flows. ​ This knowledge keeps them on track to know if they are doing the right thing with their marketing efforts. It also allows them to work in conjunction with sales teams to reach business goals.

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"The benefit of Beacon is the ability to benchmark on the available metrics of other firms to see whether we are doing the right thing [..] and being able to sit round a table with people doing the same job in other firms and share experiences."

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Head of Marketing Operations

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