AIM High: Adding influencer marketing to your campaign toolkit

When the term influencer marketing is mentioned we immediately associate it with a B2C strategy and of people…

22 November < 1 min

AIM High: Talking about marketing influence and role modelling

With Investment Week’s - Women in Investment Awards round the corner, we took the opportunity to talk to…

04 November < 1 min

AIM High: Tackling the assumptions and opportunities for ETFs

ETFs have been one of the most successful financial innovations in the past few decades and are heading…

08 October < 1 min

AIM High: The legacy and leadership of the UK pensions industry

Unsure how the UK pensions industry actually works? Not to worry, we have it covered in today’s AIM High episode: The legacy and leadership…

23 September < 1 min

AIM High: Building sustainability credentials in your brand

Welcome back to another episode of AIM High. In today’s podcast we take a slightly different approach as Twink is joined in…

18 August < 1 min

AIM High: Creating content for social engagement

Digital technology implementation continues to evolve and the way we interact with social media is transforming too. With all this evolution, it is clear firms not investing time…

24 June < 1 min

AIM High: Assessment of Value year two: The good, the bad and the ugly

Twink is joined by three industry experts, John Bennett, Head of Adviser Proposition at Sparrows Capital Limited, David Ogden, Head of Compliance at Sparrows Capital and Esther Armstrong, Marketing Consultant at White Marble Marketing, to discuss ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of the new Assessment of Value reports.

25 May 2 mins

AIM High: Techniques to deliver cut-through presentations

In today’s episode Twink explores how to make presentations impactful and deliver cut through for your audience as she is joined by the experienced Dylan Emery, Editorial Director at Last Word Media.

12 May < 1 min

AIM High: The importance of a learning mindset

Twink delves into the importance of a learning mindset with Farley Thomas and Barbara Rupf Bee.

29 April < 1 min

AIM High: Marketing in the Middle East

The Middle East is considered by many as an opaque market, it can be difficult to know who the end investors are and…

31 March < 1 min