Drawing upon the timeless wisdom of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, where Juliet ponders "What's in a name?", one might be inclined to contemporize this query for today's complex marketing environment: "What's in a brand?" Much like The Bard's exploration of identity, a firms’ brand encapsulates a rich tapestry of elements, underscoring the timeless truth of the complexity that lies beneath a simple label.

The multi-dimensional nature of asset and wealth management firms’ brands can stump even the most seasoned marketers. Defining and amplifying a firm’s brand requires the harmonious blending of diverse elements such as investment philosophy, performance, client service, expertise, corporate culture, and leadership.

In this edition of our quarterly US trends report, we focus on the multifaceted universe of branding. We cover:

  1. Current industry trends shaping investment marketing brand discourse;
  2. How benchmarking tools can be used to measure brand efficacy; and
  3. Effective techniques for articulating your brand through digital marketing strategies

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