Educating a marketing team on responsible investment

Key features

  • 2 bespoke workshops
  • 27 enrolees
  • Upskilled team on global ESG

Team training

abrdn were aware of the need to upskill their global marketing team on sustainability and responsible investing in the ever-evolving global landscape. They enrolled 27 members of the marketing team - across Europe and Asia - on the Responsible Investing Marketing Certificate programme.

Bespoke workshops

To further enhance the value of the programme, we organised two group workshops specifically designed to help apply their newfound knowledge to real-life examples relevant to abrdn. These workshops facilitated interactive discussions, case studies and practical exercises to reinforce the learninig outcomes and encourage active engagement.


"This has been a content-rich course addressing a variety of topics, all of them related to sustainable investing. Thanks to doing this course, I have a more comprehensive understanding of this topic." - Senior Marketing Manager

Great success of the certificate was ensured by the 

27 Enrolees

Across different geographies

2 Workshops

To help upskill their team

Want to learn more about the RI Certificate?

"[The course] has provided some ideas and models to work with in the future. I would definitely recommend it and ensure people have the time and space to read and review properly. I think it gives a really good grounding to those who are new to the subject - and also covers good ground for those who have some experience and knowledge of ESG."

Kathryn Pinner

Head of Global Investment Marketing

Case studies

White Marble Culture case study

Corporate positioning


White Marble Brand research

Strategy & Research


Square Mile Research

Activation & optimisation


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