Not another AI article: Tools and considerations for investment marketers

Ben Yelland shares five AI tools that are particularly useful to investment marketers, and three truths about AI that marketers should consider before using any tool.

21 August 4 mins

Does your brand pass the personality test? (Social media edition)

DOES YOUR BRAND PASS THE PERSONALITY TEST? Personality is everything, and yes I mean EVERYTHING. If books didn’t…

20 June 2 mins

AIM High: Creating content for social engagement

Digital technology implementation continues to evolve and the way we interact with social media is transforming too. With all this evolution, it is clear firms not investing time…

24 June < 1 min

The ROI conundrum

Measuring marketing ROI is not straightforward. No question of value ever is. How do you measure success when…

13 April 4 mins

4ps to overcome ‘Imposter’ syndrome

Over the last twenty years White Marble has had the privilege of training hundreds of ambitious marketers around the world, representing…

25 March 3 mins

Editorial backbone: The key to ensuring content quality

The stats are damning. Recent research from marketing consultancy Communications and Content found the readability of investment content…

10 March 3 mins

The power of innovative marketing

In today's unpredictable economy, it is critical that businesses adopt an innovative approach to marketing in order to…

19 February 2 mins

Measuring your brand – it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Or is it?

The most asked question by marketing teams is how to develop a differentiated look and feel for their…

12 February 2 mins

Coming to America: A year’s growth

You wouldn't necessarily have picked the last 15 months to launch into a new market, given that we…

05 February 2 mins

Owning the jungle: Part 2

Redefining 'guerrilla marketing' in the age of content - part 2   Investment marketers know better than most…

03 February 5 mins