Size truly does not matter when it comes to systems stewardship

Featuring in this episode, Kirsten Hastings, White Marble's Head of Content, is joined by by Rick Alexander, CEO of The Shareholder Commons and Rebecca Vodel, Marketing Consultant at White Marble. In this episode they discuss what is meant by market-wide systematic risks, identifying and addressing these risks and what it takes to be considered an official systems steward.

08 February < 1 min

Marketing and the multi-affiliate model

Kirsten Hastings, White Marble's Head of Content and Twink Field, CEO and founder of White Marble are joined by Mark Doyle, formerly EVP Strategic Marketing & Product at Natixis. In this episode they dive into the world of marketing and the multi-affiliate model, talking through the challenges and opportunities – not only from a brand perspective, but also a budget one – and whether it is possible to have a unified multi-affiliate culture.

18 January < 1 min

Crafting Content: The Pillars of Content Creation

Once the broad strokes of an overarching content plan have been established, sketching out the finer details of content presents its own practical challenges – many of which are not addressed by generic online content guides. This article will attempt to chart those areas of unexplored ground, offering advice on content creation that others haven't told you. Or, at least, haven't told you enough about.

15 January 3 mins

White Marble’s checklist of objectives for investment marketers in 2024

As we open our shiny new 2024 calendars, the mood amongst marketing leaders seems a little more cheerful. Having held back or even given up budget in 2023, priority projects are moving forward once more. The need to get ahead in this highly competitive market can’t wait.

10 January 5 mins

Digital Innovation in 2024

As we approach the end of 2023, we start to turn our attention to the Digital trends and…

14 December 5 mins

Embedding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I): what can we learn from other industries and business functions?

Given that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) policies and programmes can pose advantages for firms, more initiatives around this topic are being launched in investment management. After spending a lot of time whilst working on the B Corp submission talking with colleagues across departments about internal policies and practices, and exploring what we can do as a business to ensure a high standard of social impact.

25 October 4 mins

From individual failure to teams’ success – the art of failing well

Is failure all bad? Can any good come as a result of failing? We are all fallible, imperfect and, at times, irrational human beings. Failure is part of human DNA; it is inevitable and always a possible outcome whenever we try something new. We mustn’t shy away from being curious, adventurous or taking risks due to the threat of failure, as the learnings or unanticipated benefits it might offer can often make it worthwhile.

12 October 3 mins

Our 4 takeaways from NYC Climate Week’s “Advancing the Transition”

The Climate Group hosted its 15th Annual Climate Week NYC last week amid growing skepticism in the U.S.…

28 September 4 mins

Crafting Content – How to build a content strategy

Kirsten Hastings kicks off the new Crafting Content series with 5 steps on how to successfully structure your content plan.

28 September 3 mins

Where global messaging and local language converge

Kirsten Hastings, White Marble's Head of Content and Lauren Glossop, Marketing Consultant at White Marble are joined by Cordelia Hughes, Regional Vice President at RWS Group. In this podcast they delve into the challenges facing the financial services industry when it comes to delivering regulatory compliant content in multiple languages, the growing threat of AI and ensuring accessibility.

27 September < 1 min