Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the coolest brand of all?

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in the number clients requesting our help in…

17 September 3 mins

AIM High: Building sustainability credentials in your brand

Welcome back to another episode of AIM High. In today’s podcast we take a slightly different approach as Twink is joined in…

18 August < 1 min

Is your core message out of step with your audience?

Communicating a brand or campaign’s core message is one of those concepts that often sounds easy, but few…

02 July 2 mins

Staying authentic to your corporate narrative

Building on the research of Harvard Business Review, here are the reasons why staying authentic to your corporate narrative can help your business perform better.

28 May 2 mins

What’s in a name?

Twink Field reflects on the recent rebrand of Abrdn

28 April 2 mins

Sarasin & Partners Case Study

Introduction   Sarasin & Partners are currently focused on evolving their brand to meet the needs of the next generation of wealth…

04 March 2 mins

Measuring your brand – it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Or is it?

The most asked question by marketing teams is how to develop a differentiated look and feel for their…

12 February 2 mins

AIM High: The art of storytelling

In a world where clients are faced with an array of content and choice, the businesses that survive…

18 December < 1 min

The true value of values

Reflecting on this week's blog - it struck me that, alongside the well-reported advancement of environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related matters and working…

09 October 2 mins

What lessons can we learn from branding cattle?

The importance of defining your brand We are getting much more involved in brand conversations with our clients.…

07 August 5 mins