In this episode Kirsten Hastings, Head of Content at White Marble, is joined by Pratibha Vuppuluri, Managing Partner at Unreasonable Collective, and Benjie Elston, President – North America, Head of Sustainability, at White Marble

During this episode they delve into a range of topics, including why setting up a corporate sustainability agenda is just a first step – albeit a crucial one, how good partnerships can play an important role, and why mentoring should be part of the equation     

Themes covered in this podcast:

  • What does sustainability look like in a financial services firm 
  • Clearly articulating your sustainability positioning 
  • How firms should clearly articulate their positioning when it comes to sustainability 
  • Worldwide initiatives – such as the PRI 
  • Barriers for companies when it comes to partnering with another company  
  • What makes a good partnership, and the red flags to watch out for 
  • The benefits of mentorship 
  • Where are things going

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