Size doesn’t always equate to success when it comes to content strategy and distribution. Challenges with production and cut-through can present themselves whether you are a UK-focused boutique, managing a single asset class, or a global asset manager with a full spectrum of strategies. And just because you nail it once, that doesn’t mean content strategy can be left to run itself.  

Much like an ecosystem, your approach to content marketing can easily be thrown off balance.

In this session, Esther Armstrong, Marketing and Communications Consultant at White Marble, will be joined by guests from a large and smaller scale asset manager. They will cover the most common problems identified in asset managers’ content strategies and suggest how to tackle them, regardless of AUM/resources. 

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25th August, 14:00 GMT

1 hour

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Esther Armstrong

Esther has over a decade of experience in financial services marketing and communications, starting out as a journalist. Esther earned a distinction from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge University, has a first class honours degree in international…