During this interactive session, Georgia and Benjie will be answering some of the SFDR questions most commonly posed by investment marketers. These include:

  • Navigating the downgrading of funds
  • Approaching the January and June updates
  • Best practice for entity and product-level messaging
  • Translating the SFDR across territories
  • International messaging in light of the US anti-ESG movement

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Georgia Humbert

Marketing Intern, US

Georgia is the current marketing intern in the US division of the business. She has experience in the B2C brand and marketing space having set up a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand in 2020. She graduated with a degree in Business Management…

Benjie Elston

President - North America & Head of Sustainability

Benjie brings business development and commercial skills from over 12 years in the asset management industry, as well as learnings from a self-funded MBA at Strathclyde Business School, the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability…

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It's been a challenging year for many asset managers in terms of navigating the ever-evolving SFDR regulations. In Q3 we saw a swathe of Article 9 funds being downgraded and, with the January update soon coming into effect, many investment marketers are unsure of their next steps.

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