3 ways White Marble is helping asset managers grasp the culture ‘nettle’

This time last year we predicted culture would increasingly be seen as a strategic priority by asset managers.…

13 December 2 mins

Three FRC stewardship questions clients ask us again and again

It’s that time of year again… spring has sprung (in some places more than others), the end of the tax year has been and gone, and many of our clients are working full throttle on submissions to the FRC to obtain UK stewardship signatory status.

20 April 3 mins

The Investment Marketing Scoop: Culture competition

It’s something we hear mentioned often during our brand articulation and messaging work at White Marble Consulting: “People work here because of our culture; it is a key differentiator for us”.  

14 March 3 mins

Is content foie gras the ultimate faux pas?

No matter how often we are told the average attention span of humans is decreasing (by an almost…

22 April 2 mins

Liontrust fail: Dented pride or taken in its stride?

Liontrust’s rampant asset gathering may generate a perception of unstoppable success, but even the King of the jungle has its weaknesses, says…

22 July 4 mins

Why sales shouldn’t have all the fun(nel)…

In an investment industry obsessed with sales, marketing has long been thought of as the poorer cousin of…

11 June 3 mins