White Marble recently teamed up with video specialist Simon Crofts to run a LinkedIn Live event on the topic of creating video that works.

As well as sharing insights from our recent research, we covered how to tackle the challenges of planning, publishing and measuring content, and talked briefly about where video goes from here.

Did you know, in our sample of recent asset management videos:

  • 23% were product related, 46% were market outlooks and 31% were sustainability related
  • 15% were animated, 62% were a person to camera and 23% were a panel
  • 3.5 seconds was the average logo or intro time
  • 12% had a call to action (CTA)
  • 35% used captions
  • 65% provided buttons to share the video


You can also view the outcomes of our live Slido poll at the end of the event. Questions asked were:

  • do you think you get value from your video content?
  • for 2022 what volume of video content are you planning?
  • what do you think video is best used for?
  • how do you create your video?

We hope the event was useful to those of you considering video as a key channel in your content calendar.

For more insights and advice in planning and producing great video content, get in touch today.