In this episode Kirsten Hastings, Head of Content at White Marble, is joined by David Lewis, Programme Director at the London Business School and co-creator of the QI Index, and Esther Armstrong, Associate Director at White Marble.   

During the episode they delve into the topic of culture; specifically, how companies can measure and monitor it, why employee engagement surveys are not necessarily the best way to do it, and how to engage and bring along culture naysayers.     

Themes covered in this podcast:

  • What is the QI Index and how it applies to corporate culture 
  • How to define culture 
  • How to measure culture and how often should organisations do it 
  • The effectiveness of in-house employee engagement surveys 
  • Culture as a talent recruitment tool 
  • How much can we trust tools such a Glassdoor  
  • Given its intangible nature, how much can companies market their culture 
  • Is there a department within an organisation that should assume responsibility for culture? And where should they sit?   
  • What does the future hold for companies and individuals seeking to improve their corporate culture?   

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