Crafting Content: The Pillars of Content Creation

Once the broad strokes of an overarching content plan have been established, sketching out the finer details of content presents its own practical challenges – many of which are not addressed by generic online content guides. This article will attempt to chart those areas of unexplored ground, offering advice on content creation that others haven't told you. Or, at least, haven't told you enough about.

15 January 3 mins

What a year 2023 has been for Beacon!

As we close out an eventful year, we're eager to share the exciting advancements made within Beacon, White…

21 December 2 mins

Beacon Connect Meeting Q3 2022 

We were recently proud to stage our Q3 2022 Beacon Connect Meeting for members of the Beacon benchmarking…

21 December 3 mins

When do followers = friends?

I have an interesting relationship with social media, as we all do these days. As a parent, I…

21 January 3 mins

Beacon is here: know what good looks like

We're delighted to announce the arrival of Beacon, our White Marble benchmarking service. Previously known as Metrologis (in…

19 November 2 mins

Big Data in Marketing: How to successfully measure your marketing performance

Our resident measurement mentor Kennedy Lynn looks at the rise of big data in today’s digital world, As…

13 November 3 mins

Beacon: benchmarking made better

Beacon is the digital marketing benchmarking service for investment marketers. It is part of our Measurement service, alongside…

30 August 2 mins

Video: user group review

03 April < 1 min

Beacon: an update on digital marketing benchmarking

In recent years there has a been a shift from traditional marketing strategies to a much more data-driven…

20 November 2 mins